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I'll shine for you.

I'm just a girl trying to find a place in this world. I don't know what I want but I know where I wanna be, I just haven't figured out how to get there yet.

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i really wanna be in a movie but on the other hand, i’d probably make them delete the every scene because i looked bad

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aka the song that’s better than your life


"I write on whatever I can find. I write when where I am, whenever I get the idea, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the night. " - Taylor Swift 

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"Become friends with people who aren’t your age. Hang out with people whose first language isn’t the same as yours. Get to know someone who doesn’t come from your social class. This is how you see the world. This is how you grow."

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"I wanted so badly for there to be more. I ached for there to be more than my crappy little life. And there was more. I just couldn’t see it."

"People love talking, and I have never been a huge talker. I carry on an inner monologue, but the words often don’t reach my lips."

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my life is just a collection of poorly made decisions with alternative music playing in the background